August 20, 2017 – Respect for Animals Large and Small

Jessica Chipkin from Crate Free Illinois and Scott Beckstead of the Humane Society preview the new Illinois Agriculture Advisory Council. Michele Hoffman of Microcosm and the Shedd Aquarium’s Mark Schick report on the future of the oceans’ coral populations.

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July 1, 2017 – A Tale of Two Counties

LaManda Joy from the Peterson Garden Project previews GnomeDependence Day. Then Mike and Peggy follow up on factory farm issues in Illinois with Karen Hudson from Illinois Citizens for Clean Air & Water and farmers Craig Porter and Carrie Johnson.

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February 4, 2017 – On the Front Lines of the Factory Farm Fight

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Mike and Peggy welcome farmer and activist Karen Hudson back to the program, as Illinois Citizens for Clean Air & Water (ICCAW) holds its annual meeting in Lewiston, Illinois. She, and fellow farmer Craig Porter report on the latest battles against inhumane and environmentally destructive factory farms in the state.

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