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December 28, 2014

The Mike Nowak Show leaves WCPT Radio: Vox populi


We need you.  Badly.

Pamela Richart


Dear WCPT, I know you exist to make money and pay the bills. However, you allowed to leave the programs that draw me to WCPT.   MIKE NOWAK!   Ed Schultz!   Your signal to Arlington Heights is so very weak after 5:30 p.m. that I have to switch to computer or WBEZ. Sometimes I wonder if you are trying to do yourself in!

BRING BACK MIKE NOWAK.   (Even grocery stores have lost-leaders.)  His local voice filled an important niche.  He brought us local environmental issues.  No one else is doing that.  You had a gem here and you lost it. Except for Speaking of Faith I have no reason now to turn on the radio on Sunday morning.   I guess I will get to my athletic club sooner (finding the silver lining in this cloud).

PLS Keep Norman Goldman, Thom Hartmann, Stephanie, and Bill.   Otherwise WBEZ is my permanent destination.

Thank you for listening, Judith O. Royal


Perplexed this morning on turning on the radio, but went to your site.  We'll miss you. You read my wife's e-mail about our backyard garden on the air a few  months ago.  The burb you wondered about is Arlington Heights.

Though  as a college student I rode my bike many times down Logan Prkway, on my way to DePaul from my home at Belmont and Central.

I'm early retired, looking to do volunteer work on many of the  issues you talk about. I'll watch  your site for  opportunities....

Mike Materer


Dear Mike, 2 Sundays in a row without you!  I went searching. OMG--its not special holiday programming; you are no longer on WCPT.  How did I miss your announcement?  How will I ever hear you again?  What--from 1-3 p.m.?  Something like that…it ain't going to work.  Conflicts with work, etc.  You're going to lose all your followers.  Worse yet all we followers have lost you. WCPT is so irresponsible to allow this to happen.  We keep WCPT going…

Beside myself-- but I have to get breakfast. Missing you, Judith O. Royal,  Arlington Heights

PS Now how can I tell all my League of Women Voter friends to listen to you every Sunday morning?  Fracking in IL?...



Hey Mike  Your show was my sunday morning. I am not a church going person, so you filled that spot.  I would do thing around my house and yard making it green. From changing light bulbs to planting seeds and getting active on issues I would have had no idea were going on.  I looked forward to your show every week and hope to hear you again soon.
Best of luck Cheers Tristan

Tristan Shaw Possibility Place Nursery



Hi Mike,

I turned on the radio to listen to your show and found you weren't there.  The closing of your show was surprising in a way, but not unexpected.  I know you could not find sponsors and the cost to you for the show was getting to be too high.  You will definitely be missed.
Why is it that those who try to do good and push for responsible use of natural resources always are pushed aside, forced to give up, or go broke while the despoilers who are only interested in short term profit go on to gain power and line their pockets with ill-gotten cash?  What's wrong with this picture?
I signed onto your newsletter list a while back but it is such a rarity that I'm not sure I'm still there.  I will watch for new announcements.  I will try to remember to go on that website on Sunday and Tuesday afternoons when I can.  Tuesday is my day off so those are the only days I can listen.  Wish there were more podcasts available since the current list is so short.
Again I will miss you, Rick DeMaio's accurate forecasts, and all your guests (even ones I didn't agree with).  Thank you for all you did.

Dan Kosta





Executives at WCPT: Being a progressive and therefore a loyal listener to your station, it makes me proud to live in a city with an independent progressive radio station.  Only yesterday after I realized I could probably listen to your station on my iPod Touch, I emailed you with a question about doing this.

However at 9 am this morning I turned on WCPT to listen to Mike Nowak's show and found it was not going to be on the station any more.  This is a complete mistake, and I urge you to do everything you can to reinstate the show.

It is, as far as I know, the ONLY environmentally oriented show around.  The topics covered are amazing in number, from whether it's a good tomato year, to statistics on the number of monarch butterflies in the U.S. and probable causes of the decline.  There are guests from various environmental organizations speaking on a wide range of issues as well as fascinating book authors.

I want to emphasize that none of these issues are covered in the news, even WCPT's news.  We would not know about them if it weren't for this show.  For a few examples, the following:  the issue in LaSalle County, with a proposed sand mine near the entrance to Starved Rock State Park, its effects on the wetlands and wildlife, and what is being done to counter it; the effect a proposed toll road would have on a recently restored huge prairie (I think Midewin); and tree care issues and the City of Chicago's response, as well as recycling issues.  Not only are these things mentioned but the show provides progress reports on the issues so we can see what is happening or not happening with them.  No where else do I hear about these.

Yes Bill Curtis has his twice daily 60-second environment reports on WCPT and it seems he has a personal mission to present these, but they are largely on things everyone knows anyhow.  Mike Nowak's show gives us as many other issues as there is time for, with interest and a lot of good humor.

For absolute shame!  And you call yourselves progressive!  You need to reinstate this show!

Sincerely, Barbara Winblad


Mike I'm so bummed this morning to hear your no longer on CPT, I guess I now have to go to church at 9:00am on Sundays, you were my reason for not going, and I thank you for that. My husband and I have listened to your show for a few years and had enjoy the jokes and fun but most of all, you taught me to get involved, on subjects like Fraking and the envirorment.
You will be missed in our household.

Thank you for getting up every Sunday morning and putting on a great show.

Marcia & Alex Grzyb

Good took a hit this morning. The world needs to hear you. With admiration and gratitude  Robert 

Robert Nevel

Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!! I'm lost and discombobulated. I listen on am radio , I'm Old-school,I just got internet,but I'm going to get the podcast.So sad, I hope your Ok,if you need anything please let me know. You are too important to us and this city and Mother Earth.God bless Happy New Year. I hope this is not a corporate thing,they are taking over the world.All my love and my best to you and only hope this will not be the end of you on the radio.Your best Puerto Rican Fan, Maryann Garcia

Mike and Kathleen,

You are missed!!!!  Can't tell you how much I look forward to your show every Sunday.  I sure hope you can return to radio.  You have inspired, informed and made me aware of issues so important in our lives.  Where can I hear Rick Dimaio?  You and he are the greatest!!!