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Mike Nowak has been the Chicago radio voice of gardening and the environment for
more than thirteen years. First at WGN Radio and now at Chicago's Progressive Talk, he has informed and entertained his listeners about everything from bugs to battery recycling,
from energy audits to echinacea.
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Sunday from 9 to 11am
WCPT 820AM and 92.5FM, 92.7FM, and 99.9FM

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Sunday morning, 9-11 CST
Or listen to these special segments from past shows.

Solving Civic Problems One App at a Time

Derek Eder is co-founder of Open City, a collective that makes civic apps with open data. He talks about using data to tackle social issues such as mass transportation, urban flooding, transparency in government and more.

Listen Here.

Connecting Veterans to the Land at Blue Yonder Organic Farm

Sara Creech established Blue Yonder Organic Farm in Indiana, and Alicia Moore soon joined her as a partner in the enterprise. Both are military veterans who want to help other veterans find work and a sense of peace. They are the first Indiana farm that is part of the rapidly growing Homegrown By Heroes initiative, and they talk about their efforts with Mike.
Listen Here.

Improving the Soils in Our Cities

Distinguished soil scientists Sally Brown, Research Associate Professor at the University of Washington, Rufus Chaney , Research Agronomist for the USDA, and Ganga Hettiarachchi , Associate Professor at Kansas State University, talk about contaminants in our urban soils and the potential for remediating them, including with biosolids.
Listen Here.

What's REALLY Happening
to Our Bees

Some of the most knowledgeable people in the country explain what's causing the disappearance of our bees. And it's not just neonicotinoids. This is the best discussion of the problem that you've ever heard or read. Listen Here.

What's the Big Deal about Native Plants?

Charlotte Adelman, co-author of The Midwestern Native Garden, goes beyond and cliches and oversimplifications and explains just why native plants make for a better, more life-filled garden.
Listen Here.

Making a case for life

Doug Tallamy talks about his book, Bringing Nature Home, How Native Plants Sustain Wildlife in Our Gardens. A caller to the program conveniently illustrates the difficulty home owners have in identifying native plants, and Tallamy describes his project to identify which birds consume which insects. Listen here.

Chicago Market: The Making of a Food Co-op

Gregory Berlowitz, founder of Chicago Market, a food co-op, and iconic Chicago chef Ina Pinkney, an owner Chicago Market, talk about the rising number of food co-ops and why people think they're necessary. Listen Here.

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October 4 - 10:00 am to 1:00 pm
Vern Goers Greenhouse
Vern Goer's Fall Festival features pumpkin decorating and a coloring contest for kids, a festival raffle, reduced prices on perennials, pottery and garden accents and more... including Mike, who will sign books and crack wise. He might even make bonsai expert Dan Kosta say a few words.

Mike at the Growing Place on Saturday

Rick DiMaio Reports
August 2014 Global Temperature Anomaly

In Brief
August 2014's globally averaged surface temperature was one for the record book: at 61.45°F (16.35°C), it was the hottest August since record keeping began in 1880. Compared to the average surface temperature over land and ocean combined for every August from 1901-2000, this year was 1.35°F warmer. To take the top spot, August 2014 surpassed the previous record set in 1998 by 0.07°F. 

Average global sea surface temperature in August 2014 also entered the record book, setting two new records. The month not only beat the previous record for August set in 2005, it also beat the previous all-time record set just two months ago in June 2014. 

More Info

Colors show how average monthly temperatures compare to their long-term average. Blue areas were cooler than average; red areas were warmer than average. The darker the color, the larger the difference from the average temperature.

Temperature readings for the map come from weather stations in the Global Historical Climate Network. To calculate temperature anomalies, climate scientists subtract each station's average monthly temperature from its 1981-2010 average for the same month and produce a map of the results. Data visualizers apply a mathematical filter to the image to fill blank spots and smooth color transitions across the map.

Map by NOAA, based on GHCN data originally provided by the National Climatic Data Center (NCDC) and interpolated by the NOAA Environmental Visualization Lab . Caption adapted from the August 2014 Global Climate Analysis from the NCDC.

CRC Recycling Survey

About 600,000 blue carts have been rolled out in Chicago. And yet, the City's recycling numbers can best be described as a work in progress.

Are you happy with recycling in Chicago? Help the Chicago Recycling Coalition understand your views on how the city is doing with recycling and yard waste pick-ups by participating in their Recycling Survey .

Please take 3-4 minutes to complete the Recycling Survey . Your answers will help the Chicago Recycling Coalition and Chicago's recycling community push for new and better recycling policies throughout Chicago.


How Do We Save the Iconic Monarch Butterfly?

Recently Mike interviewed Chip Taylor, the founder and director of Monarch Watch .They talk about the recent decline of the monarch butterfly due mainly to habitat loss, pesticide use and government policies that encourage ethanol production, and how there will need to be a massive
effort to plant monarch plant (milkweed) if we hope to save this iconic species. Click above to listen to the podcast.

And here are some little ones doing their bit for the monarchs
by releasing monarch plant (milkweed) seeds at the Green
Metropolis Fair.
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      or email
Mike ponders the question, what is a Radical Mycology Convergence with Nance Klehm, Maya Elson and Willoughby Arevalo. Giant pumpkin grower George Janowiak reports from the 2014 Illinois competition at Bengston's
Pumpkin Farm
in Homer Glen. Permaculturist Vicki Nowicki previews the first Liberty Gardens Seed-Lending Library Seed Swap next week in Downers Grove.

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Rick DiMaio Weather
"The Mike Nowak Show" features a regular weekly weather segment with Chicago meterologist Rick DiMaio. Click the pic for Rick's website.

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This week's featured talk
Good Planets are Hard to Find

Like many of you, Mike Nowak has been around to observe the successes and failures of the environmental movement in its short history. There's some gardener out there right now asking, what in the world does that have to do with me? As a founder of the Midwest Ecological Landscaping Association and president of Chicago Recycling Coalition, Mike will answer that question, presenting new ways of looking at pests, pathogens and low-impact gardening solutions and, in the process, perhaps persuading you that ants, grubs and yes, even slugs, are less threatening than you ever imagined.

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Talks and Presentations

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"Let's take a look at our top 5 green male talk show  hosts on radio. Of course, there are others worth noting, but these ones will surely get you hooked on listening to green tips, news, and other ecological concerns. These talk show hosts are not only wildly entertaining, but they are also intellectuals who know theirgreen stuff. . . .

Mike Nowak's one of the best environmental hosts that you will find."