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From the webmaster

This site is going to change pretty spectacularly as Mike's focus shifts to online. We're excited about the possibilites, but we don't know what they'll look like yet. So I thought I'd just have a little fun with the homepage this week and put up some faces that have meant a lot to the show in the past six years. This little collage is nowhere near complete, but it's a nod, just a reminder of the hundreds of people who keep The Mike Nowak Show going.

It's a Wonderful Slice

And by the way, if you missed it, Mike once again presents "It's a Wonderful Slice of It's a Wonderful Life", this year live in studio. Featured performers are Ron Cowgill, Robbie Earhardt and Rich Cowgill from Mighty House, Scott Duff from Out Chicago, Kellen Kiernan and Rob Kartholl from The Mike Nowak Show, and WCPT staff Dennis Schetter and Kerry D'Auben. It's worth the listen just to catch the readings of Guiseppe Martini (via phone, no less) and Zuzu. Just saying.

Just click here to listen.




A message from Mike Nowak.

First, the facts

The Mike Nowak Show is no longer on WCPT Radio. Will the show continue? Yes. Just not on that station. If you want to be kept apprised of my next venue, I would advise you to sign up for my newsletter. There is a link to the left.

As many of you know, I recently signed on with the GDGD Radio Network, created by the Green Divas. Right now, my show airs from 1:00 to 3:00 p.m. Central Time every day of the week. For at least a few weeks, it is likely to be populated by “best of” segments from The Mike Nowak Show.

I will continue to be present on Facebook and Twitter and, who knows, maybe I'll break down and add some other social media sites to the mix.

Next, some thank yous

I will start by thanking everybody who has listened to the show over these past six and a half years, whether on terrestrial radio or online. I've had a lot of help along the way from a lot of great folks, including:

Rick DiMaio
Patrick Skach
Joe McArdle
John Uher
Heather Frey
Mike Sanders
Dennis Schetter
Matt Comings
Chris Schrage
Mark Earnest
Bidalia Tejada
Lisa Albrecht
Sarah Batka
Rob Kartholl
Carol Brewer
Kellen Kiernan
Kathleen Thompson

A lot of you responded to my efforts to keep the show on the air, which included the release of my first book, Attack of the Killer Asparagus (which you can still purchase at Around the Block Press !), The Mike Nowak Show Referral Network, and the donation page. To all of you who dug deep to help keep the radio show afloat, I offer my most sincere thanks.

And many thanks to those of you who sent me emails or called into the show or posted on Facebook or Twitter, which helped keep me in tune with what you were thinking, whether I agreed or not. That's what democracy is all about.

The future

It's hard to say exactly what will happen next. As I mentioned earlier, I expect to continue this show at least online (which is much cheaper than terrestrial radio). The issues that I have addressed on my program for the past six and a half years (actually, the past 17 years, if you count Gargantua Radio Down the Dial) are not going away. They are going to get worse. Which means that I must continue to be part of the larger conversation about the environment, healthy gardening, local food production, clean energy, climate change, mass extinction (including us) and more.

I'm not going away. I'm simply changing venues and perhaps a little bit of my focus. I hope you stick with me. And I hope you sign up for my newsletter, so we can continue to work together for a better planet.

Go Green or Go Home!